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Simplifying Operations, Maximizing Productivity

Discover the ease of mixed fleet printer management with 3manager MPS software. From automated supply orders to data-driven analytics enhancing business productivity while reducing time consumption and costs. Start a free trial or book a demo today and start simplifying your operations.

Trusted by +21,000 companies

Since 2009, 3manager has redefined printer management.

Designed by skilled consultants, our platform extends beyond conventional supply and device oversight.


It facilitates online collaboration with end-users, enhancing loyalty and streamlining time-consuming tasks, while enabling sales consultants to assist their customers in achieving peak printing efficiency.

Across the globe, more than 21,000 companies have placed their trust in 3manager for efficient multi-brand printer management.

These businesses are expertly serviced by hundreds of dedicated printer dealers, ensuring top-notch support and streamlined operations, no matter where they are.

What our clients say

Performance increased - Our budget didn't
The Gold Coast City Council is the 2nd biggest local government in Australia and 3manager was the key ingredient for us to secure this contract.

The reliability, ease of use, and comprehensive reporting puts it head and shoulders above anything else on the market.

Docsol is a major supplier to Queensland Government, including Education and Health, and 3manager helps us manage many devices efficiently; it is highly recommended.
Alan Thomsen,
Document Solutions Australia.

Supplies Management. Simplifying Complexity

Explore the simplicity of supplies management with 3manager. Our platform not only makes complex tasks straightforward but also optimizes your ordering process.

Utilizing 'days left' estimations and bulk ordering capabilities, we ensure you get supplies exactly when needed, reducing waste and maximizing efficiency.

Embrace a smarter way to handle printer supplies, backed by detailed insights into order history and toner usage.

Say goodbye to the complications and welcome streamlined supply management.

Expand Your Capabilities with Our Key Integrations



HP Smart Device Services (SDS) offers cloud-based diagnostics and management tools for enhanced HP printer performance and maintenance.



Integrate with PrintReleaf to automatically offset your paper usage by contributing to global reforestation efforts.



Seamlessly connect with Evatic for streamlined service management and optimized printer fleet operations.


Enhance your supply chain efficiency with the Prisume integration, automating consumable fulfillment and inventory management.

More integrations available. Book a demo to learn more.

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