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PrintReleaf Announces Integration with 3manager to Foster Sustainable Printing Worldwide

PrintReleaf, the global industry leader in sustainable solutions and environmental offsets for printers and packaging companies, is excited to announce a new integration with 3manager, renowned Denmark-based provider of print fleet management solutions.

This strategic collaboration marks a significant milestone, allowing businesses of all sizes to effortlessly and automatically offset their paper consumption with certified reforestation and carbon offsets. PrintReleaf is committed to its mission of creating a more sustainable world through innovative sustainability solutions.

By integrating with 3manager, a company dedicated to environmental responsibility, we are taking another step towards a more sustainable future for businesses and the planet. The integration with 3manager is set to improve how customers approach their printing practices.

Alongside managing volume and overall consumption data, customers will be able to view how their printing activities impact the environment, and subsequently take real action by automatically offsetting the environmental and carbon impacts associated with their consumption.

By planting trees through PrintReleaf, companies directly contribute to global reforestation efforts and play a pivotal role in environmental conservation.

Integrating PrintReleaf with 3manager is very advantageous for our customers. We’ll be offering not just a comprehensive view of the printing activities’ affect the environment, but the opportunity to take action to mitigate this impact. This contributes tomaking printing and businesses more sustainable. Its a perfect match for us. We are looking forward to support our customers around the world with even more insightful data from PrintReleaf combined with 3manager data.

... said Henrik Lundsholm, CEO of 3manager

The integration with 3manager aligns with our vision of making sustainable printing more accessible and automatic for the industry. 3manager has an growing base of dealers and end customers to whom we look forward to providing environmental offsets to help meet their sustainability goals.

The collaboration empowers businesses to not only optimize their print fleet but also take tangible steps towards environmental conservation.

... said Julie Ach, Senior Marketing Manager at PrintReleaf.

Together with 3manager, we are creating better accessibility that will benefit our planet for generations.

PrintReleaf remains committed to adding third party integrations to provide businesses with more opportunities to easily and automatically incorporate sustainability solutions into their business operations.

All of PrintReleaf’s integrations allow their customers to seamlessly and automatically offset their environmental footprint with certified global reforestation and carbon offset projects. To learn more about PrintReleaf’s technology and integration partners

About PrintReleaf

PrintReleaf helps companies meet their sustainability goals by automatically reforesting the equivalence of their paper and fiber-based materials consumption and offsetting the carbon emissions associated with their paper and packaging products.

PrintReleaf empowers companies to make a positive impact on the environment and foster brand differentiation, as committing to meet sustainability goals wins new customers and is good for the planet and your bottom line.

Go to the PrintReleaf website here:

About 3Manager

3manager creates software for printer management and helps customers worldwide to manage their printers in a simple yet effective way. 3manager now serves more than 11,000 customers worldwide, providing the fundamental functionality to manage printers, while also supporting partners’ understanding their printer fleet in a whole new way, providing business insights and trends giving the ability to track printing behavior on the fly.

3manager is used by office equipment dealers, printer consultants, and end-users worldwide, to manage printers in an effective way.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Julie Ach

Senior Marketing Manager


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