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Managing Printer Faults with a Printer Management Software

Here are the steps to get an overview of all printers with alerts that require attention from the service provider using printer management software:

Install the data collector software:

Various Printer Management software available in the market, such as 3manager, allow you to monitor and manage your network printers. Install the data collector software on a computer in your network, and it will automatically discover all your network printers and start collecting machine-related data. (no personal data)

Configure alerts:

Once the software is installed, configure it to generate alerts for any errors or issues with your printers. When an error occurs, you can set the software to send notifications to specific individuals or groups, such as the service provider or a technician.

Monitor printers:

The software will continuously monitor your printers and provide real-time updates on their status. If an error occurs, the software generates an alert and sends a notification to the designated contact person.

Review alerts:

You can log into the software anytime to view a list of all printers with open alerts. The software will display the type of error and the associated printer, making it easy to see which printers require attention in nice dashboards.

Schedule Service:

If a printer requires attention from the service provider, you can use the software to request a service appointment. The software may also provide the ability to create a service ticket or request directly from the software, saving you time and effort. This is often done using either an integration to the service provider software or an e-mail sent to their help desk, creating a ticket automatically.


By using Printer Management software, you can quickly get an overview of all printers with alerts that need attention from the service provider and ensure that they are addressed promptly and efficiently.


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